Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Say Hello to the Bad Guy

With all these "divas" in sports making career changing decisions, all these new stories, er I mean allegations are surfacing that make these stars look like dickheads.  And as bad as it might sound, I love it. 

Age before talent so let's start with good ole' number 4.  Yes, I'm talking about Brett Favre, the old gun slinger.  According to, back when Grandpa Favre was with the New York Jets, he got to know the Jets' sideline reporter, Jenn Sterger.  Jenn Sterger got her claim to fame when she was at a Florida State football game looking hot as hell and then parlayed that to instant internet fame.  Once that geriatric quarterback started taking snaps for the Green Machine, he started snapping pictures of his crank and sending them to Ms. Sterger.  Aside from pictures of the little gun slinger, #4 also snapped photos of himself tugging himself wearing nothing but a pair of Crocks and a wristwatch.  Coincidentally this was the same watch he wore in his retirement ceremony/press conference.  Other than being an indecisive diva, Brett Favre is now dubbed as a perverted old man who wears Crocks.  The part of this story that really cracks me up is the fact that Brett Lorenzo was watching the Super Bowl at his Mississippi home with none other but good ole' Cheetah Woods.  Now I'm not giving the verdict on this one but I am saying something my parents told me all throughout high school when I was getting in trouble.  "You might not have done anything wrong but you are guilty by association.".  Thanks, Mom and Dad. 

Even though I would not like to talk about that Benedict Arnold known as Lebron James, he unfortunately ties into this post.  Allegedly, Lebron was approached by the Tao nightclub in the Venetian casino in Vegas to be the spokesperson for a party.  Ok, an NBA superstar with a shit ton of money partying in Vegas?  Yeah, he's really going to stay out of trouble.  Lebron allegedly while in Vegas was acting like his cocky self, shadow dribbling a basketball through the casino, making absurd requests for panty-less women swinging from the ceiling, and flicking off reporters from his "beloved" hometown of Akron.  Aside from Lebron's Vegas getaway, I have also been informed from my sources that the whole Delonte/Gloria James rumor is a little fabricated.  According to my inside sources, Delonte never slept with Gloria James.  The story I was told was that Lebron initially stuffed Delonte's girlfriend.  Delonte found out so he proceeded to go ahead and sting Lebron's girlfriend.  Woops, I'm sorry.  I don't mean Lebron's official girlfriend, Savannah.  I'm talking about one of Lebron's side girlfriends that he was doing.  Allegedly, after Delonte stung Lebron's side piece of ass, he then put her on the floor for game 5 of the Celtics series.  Confused yet?  Basically, Lebron went after Delonte's chick so Delonte wanted to indirectly say "fuck you" to Lebron by not only tagging one of his girls but then sticking her courtside in a crucial playoff game.  I don't know about you but Delonte is slowly becoming my favorite player in the NBA even though his actions may or may not have caused the Cavs to not make it to the Finals this year.   

So with all these "icons" consistently fucking up and destroying their former squeeky clean images, who does the youth of America turn to for admirtation and guidance?  That is what I find to be comical when guys like David Stern stick up for Lebron when Dan Gilbert grilled him in a letter after he left.  Nothing was untrue in that letter he addressed to the people of Cleveland.  Dan Gilbert is more of a role model than Lebron James is.  Nothing was wrong when the Green Bay Packers' front office decided to let go of Favre.  They were doing what was right for their franchise.  They wanted the face of their franchise to project positive publicity and certainty to their fans.  They weren't going to put up with a diva who, as of lately, takes pictures of his hang down while wearing Crocks and sends them to hot sideline reporters (Allegedly).  What the public needs to realize is that even though an individual is talented on the playing field, they can be a complete schlupp in real life situations.  They think because they can throw a ball 60 yards or score 50 points a night they are above the rules and authority will overlook what they did in real life settings.  No athlete is bigger than the team they are on and they are certainly not bigger than the real role models in our world.  So say good bye to your former icons and hello to the new bad guys. 

Fuck Lebron.

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