Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Call in the Calvary

Since 1999 the Cleveland Browns have pretty much been in the obsolete of NFL teams.  I mean they snuck into the playoffs once and have had no true starting quarterback.  All that is about to change with the (soon-to-be) firing of Eric Mangini.  Augustus Gloop was a great coordinator under Belichek but he's just been acting like one gigantic pussy since taking over the reigns.  Now that Prez Holmgren is sitting up in the Lerner's ivory tower, he is looking down on the team just formulating a super coaching staff that will accrue so many titles it'll make the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers from the 80's heads spin.  When you got a quarterback like Colt McCoy who has known nothing other than winning his whole life and a running back like Peyton Hillis who has no regard for his own safety let alone the opponent's. 

Mark my word.  You're going to see a decorated head coach on the sidelines next season for the Browns as well as a coaching staff filled with numerous ex-head coaches that just got the axe this season.  I predict something like a John Gruden at the helm with coaches like Josh McDaniels running the offense and Mike Singletary running the D.  If you don't believe me than check back with the Tuna in late February/ early March. 

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