Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Will Work For...Just About Anything

James Franco

James Franco is reportedly on the record by showbizspy.com that he will act in any genre of movies.  NO FUCKING WAY!?!?!?!?!?  Isn't that what actors are supposed to do?  You get paid a shit ton of money to act.  Does it matter what role you are playing?  No.  You're a fucking actor!!!  You are supposed to be pretending to be someone you are not.  Martin Lawrence plays a fat black woman in a string of movies.  Other than Charlie Sheen, no actor gets paid any significant amount of dough to play themselves.  Sofia Vergara plays a hot mommy who is married to Al Bundy when in reality she is a spicy mexican minx who probably loves when young men whisper sweet nothings into her ear while nibbling the lobe.  Sorry I just started rambling on that one.  But you get the picture.  

Ay Carramba!!!

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