Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gone Take the Money and Run

Kelsey Grammer could be one the dumbest mother fuckers I have read about as of late.  No Prenup!?!?!? Are you kidding me bro?  I mean and that was just the earnings he had to split up while they were married.  I still disagree with this whole situation.  If you read back a little, I posted a small blip about how his new chick is not even remotely cute.  Camille is probably saying to Kelsey, "Hey dickhead, I'm going to spend Christmas in Hawaii at YOUR house then when the weather shapes up I'm spending Easter in the Hamptons.  Oh yeah, and I'm bringing my new 6'4 250 pound black boyfriend and he's going to rail me on YOUR bed.".  Way to go, Kelsey.  You allowed probably the hottest chick you will ever get to slip away with half of your shit and now you're stuck with an elementary school looking broad who probably has never even went down on anything except a toilet after too many vodka, cranberry, and orange juices. 

I would slam seven shades of shit out of Camille.

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