Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Don't Tase Me, Bro!!!!

So I don't know if anyone has seen this story of the 17-year old kid who ran on the field at a Philadelphia Phillies game and then got tased.  I love this story.  For those who haven't seen it, please go to this youtube link and laugh your asses off.


What is so funny about this story is the moron that decided to run onto the field called his dad looking for permission to run onto the field.  A quote from espn.com reported this kid called his dad and asked for permission with his father replying with a "Uh, I don't think that's a good idea, Stevie."  Hahaha.  If that was my old man and I asked him if it was ok for me to run onto Progressive Field he would respond with a "Tuna, you better sit your ass down or I WILL come down there and beat the living hell out of you for the whole damn stadium to see!"  That's just how Papa Tuna rolls.  You have to love how this kid's dad tried defending his son in an interview saying his son wasn't drunk or on drugs.  He did come with a "He's a smart kid.  He's going to Penn State next year."  Yeah?  Not anymore, paddy.  I can only imagine little Stevie asking for permission then turning to his buddy and going "My dad said no but fuck it, I'm doing it anyway.  Dude, this is gonna be sweet.".  What's good is that his buddy was probably like "Dude, you're a dumb ass.  If you do run out there, I hope you get your ass tased.".   

It's hilarious because you can tell by the way this kid was running that he was probably one of the most unathletic dudes at his high school.  I mean notice how he was running flat footed and his cuts were more rounded off rather than sharp jukes.  He also had this dumb ass look on his face like he was a 5 year old chasing the ice cream truck.  It was rather appropriate though that after he did get dotted with the taser, it looked like he going head first into home plate in the bottom of the ninth for the win in the World Series.  And you know this kid thought he was cute by twirling that shirt or towel or whatever the hell that was.  Maybe if he left the props at his seat he would've been able to shake those guards. 

The only part of this story I do not agree with is that the family is looking to press charges.  I say the parents get tased just for even thinking of pressing charges.  The dad even told his son not to run out on the field.  That kid is lucky he didn't get speared by a security guard and shattered his fibula.  Getting tased is probably the best thing that could've happened to him, next to just sitting in your seat and watching the game.  If the Philadelphia Police Department or Philadelphia Phillies see any legal repercussions from this than I will be extremely disappointed in the Judicial system.  That kid should just get his ass kicked strictly for thinking it was ok to run out on the field.  Come to think of it.  If little Stevie didn't run out onto that field then I would not of had something so funny to watch when I got into work today and I would not of had a topic for this entry.  So Stevie, I guess I owe you thanks.  But you're still a dumb ass.

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