Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Were Voted Number 1 and I Didn't Like It

So I sign onto Yahoo today and find out that the new Top 100 Hottest was posted on Maxim.com.  I mean there are few times when I get so excited so early in the morning.  This was one of those times.  So for the next 15 minutes or so, my eyes were honed in on the screen and I was just basking in the beauty that laid before my eyes.  Everyone from Chelsea Handler to Hilary Duff, Kelly Ripa to Kim Kardashian.  It was truely magnificent.  So as I was ending my deposits into my spank bank, I came down to the number 1 hottie on Maxim's 100 Hotties list.  Who else, none other than.....Katie Perry?  Really, Maxim? 

Now, I'm aware that there are certain components that will determine these rankings.  Some of these go beyond just a pretty face, nice ass, and perfectly sculpted fun bags.  Some of these might include, current accomplishments, recent come-backs, or certain affiliations.  For example, Chanel from Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory was 98 on the list.  Chanel is a cute girl.  But, if you read the caption that is next to the picture, she is known for her thong shot she delivered on an episode of Fantasy Factory.  Like I said, recent accomplishments.  Christina Aguilera came in at a shocking 18 on the list but her position was justified by her recent album she released with a "different sound" (I wouldn't tell Christina to justify any position she was in, that's just me).  Then you have the upset at number 1 with Katie Perry.  Don't get me wrong, Katie Perry is smoking hot but there is a bold line that seperates "smoking hot" and "Maxim's Hot 100 #1 hot".  Sorry Katie, but I don't think I can put you past smoking hot.  I would have to say that the only reason she made it to "smoking hot" is because she kissed a girl and she liked it.  If she never did that, I would have to drop the smoking and just leave her at hot. 

I am no expert by any means and some of you might agree that Katie Perry is as hot as the media portrays her to be.  But you also have to agree that she is no number 1 on one of the most prestigous lists going right now in any world wide publication.  I can name a dozen of the hotties that contributed to this list that, in my mind, should sit on the top.  Not even judging based on looks, but also their recent accomplishments or current come-backs.  I feel affiliations should not really factor into one's final decision for this list (Sorry, Chanel).  But like I said, this isn't a knock on Katie Perry, I just do not agree with the final decision for Maxim's Hott 100.  I'm sorry, Katie but you were voted number 1 and I did not like it. 

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