Thursday, May 13, 2010

But Daddy, I Want An Oompa Loompa NOW!!!

I can not believe I am actually going to post this on my blog but I can't bite my tounge any longer.  I used to be one of the biggest Lebron James supporters.  Not only because I am from Cleveland but because I truly thought Lebron was, hands down, one of the most physically gifted as well as professional athletes I have ever seen.  Just the way Lebron could close a game whenever he wanted and then talk to the media like he was a 10 year veteran.  Ever since he was a junior at St. Vincent St. Mary, he has been in the public eye and has handled it better than any professional athlete I have ever seen.  I mean, the media has tried to dig out some dirt on him but the most they have found was a couple throw back jerseys he accepted in high school and him doing 150 mph on the highway, sober.  There really is no legitamite reason why anyone can hate on this kid.  Is there?

Now, I can understand when Lebron doesn't play well and can admit to it by saying he usually doesn't play that way and there are times he doesn't bring his "A" game. No one's perfect.  The thing I can not seem to swallow is how when he plays like shit and then proceeds to say his fans, from his hometown, they have been spoiled by his play.  Really, LeBacle?  And that is what I am calling him after his god awful performance he displayed in Game 5.  Have we really been spoiled the past 7 years you have played for the Cavs?  I wasn't aware how fortunate we were to watch your under achieving ass get swept from the Finals back in '07.  You really shouldn't of.  I mean last year when you got clowned out of the Eastern Conference Finals was one of the more sincere gifts I have ever received.  Let me ask you something, "King" James.  Was that just charity when you let that kid from Xavier dunk on your ass at your own camp?  Did you let David Kalb (who?) school you at Venice Beach a couple years back?  And I don't want to hear, "Oh Lebron wasn't trying, he didn't want to get hurt.  He let those dudes do that.".  Well the way I see it, that kid from Xavier damn near broke his ankles. 

It's just funny how Lebron can call any Cleveland fan "spoiled".  How many times has a Cleveland team had the carpet ripped out from under them then pounced on and had their hearts ripped out?  I never heard Bernie Kosar come out and say he spoiled us when John Elway drove the field and ripped our shot at a Super Bowl away from us.  Nobody heard Jose Mesa come out in after the '97 World Series and say we were spoiled.  You then have the nerve to come out and say Cleveland fans should be confident the Cavs will win Game 6 and 7 because they have you.  You just tore into Cleveland fan and now you're saying they should be confident in you.  How the hell can your fans be confident in you when you just performed one of the biggest choke jobs in arguably the biggest game of your career?  I just don't see it.  I can see maybe if you would've pulled a "Tim Tebow" and said we won't see anyone work harder in the NBA Playoffs than you followed by a "God Bless".  Cleveland fan would have eaten that up.  Instead, you had to put it on us saying we were spoiled.  I will leave it at this because, unlike many Clevelanders, I still have faith the CAVS can still win this series, not just Lebron.  I wouldn't want to look too spoiled or anything. 

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