Monday, May 10, 2010

Position A

What cracks me up when I go out is the amount of horn ball dudes who are always trying to spit game at every girl they see.  Next time you're at a bar just watch every guy as soon as some attractive female steps in.  All conversations will stop, eyes will lock on, and then the occassional elbow nudge will take place.  It's extrmemely comical because you don't need to be a genius to figure out what is going on in every single one of those pervs' heads.  All you need to do is try and find out who the first one to act on it will be.  And when I say act on it, I don't mean the first drunk to holler at the woman with a "Hey! What's your name?  No?  Ok, well maybe I'll talk to you later.".  Trust me, it doesn't work.  I mean the first guy who will make a valid effort to approach the lady and lay some sort of line on her.  Gentlemen, you might disagree with me on this one but I might have found a better tactic. 

I have learned that no matter how much time and effort and you invest in trying to pick up a girl, the return is never worth it.  Usually, buying a girl a drink can work.  The thing with that is most girls are already looking for guys to buy them a drink so it is now expected.  It's almost like holding a door open for woman, sometimes you don't want to, but you should.  I'm not saying that it never works, because trust me, it does.  What guys need to learn is that it is all about your positioning.  Posting up right by the ladies room is a sure thing.  Especially if there is one that is kind of hidden.  I was blown away this past weekend with how many women were getting picked up by guys I was with strictly because they were asking us where the bathroom was.  I actually thought that some of them knew where the bathroom was but just wanted to talk to us.  I was approached by one girl when I was standing right in front of the bathroom door and she asked where it was.  I turned around and pointed to the door and she then played dumb.  She then tracked me down after she was done and thanked me.  Now most of you might say that is just common curtousy but the fact her friend came back 5 minutes later and told me how "adorable" her friend thought I was, is not common. 

Some of you might think that this will never work but the odds of it working are better than any other pick up line that you might lay on a chick.  If you think about it, a girl will use the bathroom roughly, on average, 5 times per visit to the bar.  I mean this number can change because you know how women are, always going into the bathroom and talking and shit.  So for every visit to the bathroom, she will see you twice (walking in and walking out).  You haven't even said one word or bought one drink for her and she already has seen you  twice and knows where you and your friends are.  What makes this better is that even this girl is going into the bathroom to talk to her friend, hopefully she'll tell her friend how much she wants to bang you.  I know this all might sound silly but it is true.  You don't even need to say one word, just undress the woman with your eyes.  Women love being stared at so if you just acknowledge that they look good by strictly by giving them a quick glare then you already have a leg up on the race.  Gentlemen, your homework for this week/weekend is to go to a bar, it can be any bar, and post up right by the ladies room.  You can post your results as comments to this blog entry.  If any of you happen to capitalize on my advice then I will say in advance, you're welcome. 

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