Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hater In The House

As much as it hurts me to blog about Elizabeth Hasselbeck in a negative way, I feel it is my duty to stand up for one of my future ex-wives, Erin Andrews.  In a recent episode of "The View", Hasselbeck criticized an outfit Erin Andrews wore during one of her routines on "Dancing With The Stars".  For those who aren't aware, a man named Michael Barrett was just locked up for stalking her in a few hotels.  I don't mean sending her letters and being obsessed.  I mean this perv was drilling peep holes and more than likely snapping one off to Erin Andrews getting undressed.  I guess the outfit was a little too scandalous for Hasselbeck because she came out on her show and said that wearing an outfit like that is probably why Erin Andrews was in her situation in the first place. 
Don't be a moron, Elizabeth.  Do you think Erin Andrews really rocks a sequenced see through dress when she runs to the grocery store?  I doubt she is sporting a sparkly, yellow and green dress with stringy things on the bottom of it to the post office.  Hey Elizabeth, did you ever think she was being stalked because she is a smoking hot chick who knows more about sports than you have ever known about well, anything?  The way I see it, Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a hater.  She's hating on Erin Andrews because A. Erin Andrews is hotter.  B.  If Erin's partner from "Dancing from the Stars" starts tagging her, then Erin will have a younger, better looking significant other than Hasselbeck.  C.  Erin Andrews has a better job and is viewed as a bigger star than Hasselbeck.  Hence her role on "Dancing With The Stars".  Go to Google images and type in Erin Andrews.  Every picture will show her looking extremely obscure and conservative. 

I guess you have to applaude Elizabeth's tearful apology she made on "The View".  She basically told the audience that she privately apologized to Erin Andrews and then proceeded with her public apology where she tried holding back her regretful tears.  I mean crying on air is the most typical form of reaching for sympathy.  But when she brought her daughter into the mix, I just rolled my eyes.  Elizabeth was fishing for sympathy when she reiterated the conversation she had with her 5 year old daughter stating that her daughter recommended "Why don't you just call Erin and say you're sorry, mommy?".  Wow, your daughter had to come up with that solution for you?  She even said to the audience how wise her 5 year old was.  I mean go online and look up the video.  You'll notice she is even reading from cue cards.  Let me guess Elizabeth, one of your producers wrote that apology for you because you're too much of a bimbo to put together a simple "I'm sorry" for offending a person who had never done anything to you.  What happen was Tim Hasselbeck probably used to oogle over Erin Andrews back in the day so Elizabeth took the first shot she saw at Erin.  Like the old saying goes, Elizabeth.  "Don't hate the player, hate the game."

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