Monday, January 3, 2011

All Alone

So Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis have called it quits.  Thank Christ!!!  Jackie from That 70's Show was way too hot for Kevin from Home Alone.  I mean come on, Jackie.  You used to get plowed my Ashton Kutcher pretty much before he was ASHTON KUTCHER.  You have been the voice over in one of most successful animated series on television since The Simpsons in Family Guy.  In my opinion, she was the hottest she has ever been in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  A) We all got to see her tits.  B) She was a pretty bad ass chick.  C)  We all got to see her tits.  Brains, beauty, and a sense of humor will get you pretty much any guy you want.  So saying that, Mila, why the fuck would you date a knob who can't seem to successfully go on vacation with his family who is the size of a large small country?  For those who do not agree with me, take a look at the picture below and rethink your argument. 

Kevin, your girlfriend.  YOWWWZAAAA!!!

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