Monday, January 3, 2011

Just Give It Up

Wow!!! Out of pro football (allegedly) for a day and grey bush seems to steal the spotlight again.  On a night where the future of the NFL (Andrew Luck) is playing in one of his biggest games of his life and this has to come out.  You should be ashamed of yourself, grey bush.

For those who don't know.  Brett Favre is being accused of yet another infidelity while he was playing for the New York Jets.  Apparently, #4 sent sexual advances to two female (Gotta clear that up, I never know who I'm working with on the Catch of the Day) massage therapists FORMERLY employed by the Jets.  I say FORMERLY because it is alleged that these 2 therapists weren't offer further employment after they respectfully declined Favre's ding a ling.  Shocking. 

Now these two ungrateful little bitches are suing Favre along with the Jets for sexual misconduct in the workplace yaddah yaddah yaddah.  Favre's is worrying about this like he is worrying about next week's defense (The Vikings are not in the playoffs.  Again, gotta clear it up for the morons on Catch of the Day).  My prediction is that he gave Jenn Sterger an undisclosed payout, these skanks found out so they're making headlines and then staying quiet.  Come on, the guy (Favre) made $20 million this season, you think he's worried about a cool mil to each skank he sexually harrassed?  Nope.  Just another page taken out of The Tiger Manual of Marriage

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