Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Phillip! You Old Sailor, You!!   < This is what Phillip probably had to go through.

The Zen is a boy toy?!?!?!? You bet your ass he is.  This cat has got a fist full of jewelry and is a lock for first ballot hall of famer.  I don't even get what Mark Cuban's motive was to knock Jeanie Buss for thinking Phillip is a boy toy.  I'd be her boy toy any day of the week.  She's a smoke show with a SHIT TON of dough.  I would do so many unsavory things to that little tasty slice of fuck pie.  I used to like Mark Cuban, too.  Now I think I might be more of Phil Jackson fan strictly because at the ripe age of 65, he's still laying pipe while winning championships.  Golf clap, Phillip. 

Who wouldn't want to be her boy toy?  I'd motor boat the shit out of this little minx.

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