Monday, January 3, 2011

Grade School Drama

This is probably one of the more blown up stories making it's rounds through the internet today.  Selena Gomez, who stars on Nickelodeon or Disney or some station I haven't watched since I was sucking on Mama Tuna's breasts, has been receiving death threats for recent pictures involving her new beau, Justin Bieber.  Apparently, her and the Biebs were recently photographed  on their Carribean vacation all over eachother which is pretty sweet because she is a little older than him if I'm not mistaken.  You can tell that it is only the 12 and 13 year old girls of America who are threatening to ice Selena.  I mean look at all the tweets that were sent to @selenagomez on  One is like "@selenagomez I swear if you are the girlfriend of Justin Bieber then I will kill you :@".  Really???  You're going to cap your death threat with a fucking smiley face?  That's like saying, "@selenagomez I'm going to have my mom drive me to your house and beat the shit out of you with my Hannah Montana life size doll".  It just doesn't fit.

I don't see why Ms. Gomez is getting so much shit thrown at her.  You don't Giselle getting death threats and she is married to Tom Brady with photos of her pretty much making Brady her bitch.  First she's kissing other guys then there are pictures of Brady riding bitch instead of shotgun.  I would also think that Brady's ladies are much more capable of inflicting any type of physical pain onto another person as opposed to the big wheel riding bitches that are knocking on Selena.  Don't worry Selena, Tuna's got your back.

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