Monday, January 3, 2011

The End of the Revolving Door

Alright ladies and gentlemen, here we go again.  The Cleveland Browns are officially in search of their new head coach.  Is anyone really shocked though?  Here you have president Mike Holmgren who came into a situation where he didn't have the head coach of his choice or personnel of his choice for that matter.  I was never even Mangini fan but I thought he at least deserved a chance seeing that he had a dog shit roster to work with.  The talent this past season was much better improved since last year but Mangini didn't know how to utilize what was in front of him.  The fact that Jake Delhomme kept on playing when he was "healthy" is beyond me. 

Rumors coming out of Berea, OH is that Jon Gruden is the leading candidate for the vacant coaching spot.  Since hearing that, I have rocked the biggest hard on.  Jon Freaking Gruden!!!! Super Bowl winning coach.  Doesn't take shit from any player, coordinator, or pretty much any other person who isn't the President/Owner.  He is what every Cleveland coach should embody.  Knows the game inside and out all while keeping a tight ship in his locker room.  Can you imagine Jon Gruden as Head Coach, Josh McDaniels developing Colt McCoy the same way he helped Tom Brady, and Mike Singletary or Marvin Lewis finally building a respectful defense that belongs in the AFC North?  I know I am just talking like the typical opitimistic Cleveland Browns fan but with Mike Holmgren at the helm, anything can be possible. 

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