Monday, April 12, 2010

NFL Prospects Got Their Eyes on the Green

I always speculated that college athletes, no matter what school or sport they are involved with, have somewhat of an exempt from normal rules and regulations. My theory has just been proven to be a little more true after all of the events leading up to this year's NFL Draft. According to multiple sources, about 1/3 of this year's draft eligible players coming out of college have been red flagged for past usage of marijuana some time in their college career. What's even more shocking is about 1/3 of the players who have been given a first round grade, have either tested positive or admitted to testing positive. It's so funny because experts are also saying that this is one of the deepest, most talented draft classes in recent memory. I guess you could say these players are giving a new meaning to the term, "Being drafted high.".

What I find to be remarkably puzzling is why this is all coming out at the end of their college careers. Are these student/athletes so protected by their athletic ability that certain rules do not apply to them? I bet if the kid who played Halo all day that lived down the hall from the blue chip quarterback who is rocking a 3.5 GPA got busted with a little herb, he would more than likely get the boot from school. This might not always be true. Certain institutions probably have different protocols for these type of situations but that's not the point. The point is, these athletes are breaking the rules and their athletic department is covering it up. You look at last year's NFL Draft. Percy Harvin was one of the stand out players coming out of school and then a story surfaced about him testing positive for marijuana AT THE NFL COMBINE. You gotta think if this guy is dumb enough to burn tree before possibly the biggest job interview of his life, which is what the Combine essentially is to these guys, then what would stop him from doing it the first 3 years of college? He probably had the mind set, "Oh I used to smoke blunts at Florida and Coach Urb didn't mind. I don't think Roger Gooddell would care too much." Apparently not, Harvin was picked 22nd overall by the Vikings with the only real concern being injuries he suffered his junior season.

One thing I read on Yahoo! sports was that some GM's aren't looking at this "marijuana epidemic" as much of a problem. One un named NFL GM was quoted on saying that "with the decriminalization of marijuana in certain states, these players being red flagged aren't looked at as having a 'drug problem' ". Really? Ask Charles Rogers if he had a problem getting high. This was a guy who tore it up in college and loved smoking. Of course he didn't think he had a problem because he was emabarrassing defensive backs and pulling in touchdowns left and right. Then he hit the pros. He was the second overall pick and instantly became a millionaire. Imagine just how invincible he felt then. If a person wants to smoke a joint at a party, who says they can't (besides the law)? But when an NFL franchise is looking to invest tens of millions of dollars into a player, wouldn't you think that player would do whatever it took to keep his nose clean of any trouble? You would think. It's funny because one thing every NFL prospect is measured on is their commitment to the game. If a guy who is looking to make their living by being physically as well as mentally prepared for a game of football, would you think he is 100% committed if he's going home and ripping his bong after practice? I think not.

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