Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not Too Far From Home

So being in Italy for roughly 3 days has really got me thinking. I absolutely hate West 6th Street in Downtown Cleveland. I mean I can understand the chacheyness and creeps in Italy because it's part of the culture. Part of West 6th Street is predominantly skanks and douche bags. Don't get me wrong, I love a good skank every once and a while but for the douche bags, I want to tell these grease monkeys that those fake ass Dolce and Gabana they are wearing (at 11 o'clock at night) are just making them look complete ass clowns while they feed skanks vodka cranberries in hope one of these skanks will take a look their cranks up close.

Italians are the best. I mean these guys are so shauvanistic it's hilarious. We're walking down the street and women are getting just eye f*cked and getting cat calls hollered at them. You go down to West 6th and guys are still doing but instead they look like absolute creep/pervs. Here it's like all the Italians have never seen a woman walk the earth before and they have to be snapped out of whatever vagina induced trance that was just set on them. No joke, one of these dough spinners almost ran his bike into a pole checking out one of my co-workers. I was watching the whole thing just getting antsy knowing this guy might split his dome open. That's besides the point, I guess I'm just a little sick for hoping he got hurt, whatever.

It sucks though because it doesn't go both ways here (although I think a lot of the guys do). I mean women keep to themselves. You don't really see any women acting like the men, you don't see them checking out dudes (or maybe they're just not checking me out). Even though, it is entertaining to watch the natives do work here, it sadly reminds me of West 6th and all the dick heads that pollute the Downtown Cleveland area and then the skanks who follow suit. So I just want to thank Italy for giving me a reminder of what I am not missing from home.

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