Thursday, April 8, 2010

No Make Up, No Problem

As I was doing my daily surfing on Yahoo!, I came across an article about Jessica Simpson and how she agreed to appear on the cover of Marie Claire without any makeup or digital retouch. The first thing I said to myself was "Eeek, what's she thinking? I mean, she's hot but she still needs a little work.". Now before anyone starts with the, "Terry, it's not always about looks. She is a beautiful woman.", hear me out. Yes, I do agree that Jessica Simpson is a ten. Even though she has been criticized for gaining some weight, I still have a huge crush on her. But I'm sure the male readers can agree with me that the most vivid memory we all have of her is from the Dukes of Hazzard movie where she played Daisey Duke. Let's not forget about the music video she shot for her song, "These Boots are made for Walking". Yowza!!! Anyways, what I'm getting at is she was projecting a certain image in that role and in that music video. She was being looked at as a skinny, busty blonde, who guys would give their left pebble just to have 5 minutes (If you could last that long) with her. When I saw she was being featured on the cover of one of the most read fashion magazines in the country with no make-up, I was blown away. How can a woman who was looked at as one of the biggest sex symbols in the country go on the cover of Marie Claire with no make up after being scrutinized for "losing herself"? I won't lie, it made me sad.

I then read more in depth into the the article. Apparently Jessica Simpson is running her own show on VH-1 called "The Price Beauty" where she sets out around the world and interviews women and the lengths they go to in order to make themselves beautiful. Then I thought to myself, "Is this just a pub grab or is she really trying to make a statement?". Jessica Simpson has no reason to attract any attention to herself. She has been criticized for gaining weight, being lonely, and letting her career stay on the back burner in recent memory. This is what some might call a "passion project". She tells USA Today in an interview that she used to go on stage and wonder what people were thinking of her appearance. Then she said to herself, "If I am a public figure thinking this, there must be girls out there who are thinking the same thing.". Hence the reason she set out to film "The Price of Beauty".

Like it or not Jessica, this is still a pub grab. Even though you are doing your show and the cover of Marie Claire for other reasons, it is still a pub grab. I love it, though. I always thought Jessica Simpson was a beautiful woman and she still will always be to me. Now that she has come out and showed her insecurities a little, it has made me fallen more in love with her. The fact that she embraced all the criticism and rumors that were said about her, makes her more beautiful on the inside. We all know her as being physically attractive but everyone always knew her as that hot chick who got canned tuna mixed up with chicken. Many women, especially ones in the limelight, will try to cover up their "flaws" by either caking on the make up, getting plastic surgery, or getting a nice round of lypo done. Jessica Simpson straight up came out and said "I think I'm beautful and you can take it or leave it.". I don't know about anyone else but I am taking and running with what this fox is throwing at me. So I say Jessica Simpson keeps on doing what she's doing because that one day when she is finally percieved by the public as a bombshell again, she can simply respond with an "I told you so".

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