Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ok, so I shouldn't be blogging right now but hey, who cares. I hate affliction shirts. Really though, who wears that shit? Guys who watch UFC and think they're down with it are pretty gay. What's funny is any guy who does wear that crap will kick my ass but this is the one time I will stand behind my blog name. Get some, bitches. You gotta love the guy who legally changed his name to "murder machine" or whatever it was. Affliction guy is the same guy who goes down to West 6th and tries to find skankies who got the puke in their hair looking for a dang-a-lang that will please them for 2 minutes, maybe.

Ok, I'm too wasted to blog I just had to keep my blog going because I love starting controvery (Matt don't kill me). Anyways, Affliction guy, stand down, mix in a yoga class because everyone knows that you're not hard enough to get in the octagon. And if anyone who wears Afflicton has a problem with this then you can talk to my boy Matt (Sorry bro but you know this was enventually coming). So for all you Affliction guys reading this, fuck you and anyone like you. Sorry, Grandma. Knibb High Football Rules!!!!!!!!

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